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Welcome To Jack-its. Your source for magnetic tank covers and more. offers beautiful and unique do-it-yourself magnetic covers for propane tanks. Jackits are portable and reusable. They are simple to install and remove. When it comes time to replace your tank, you simply remove your jacket from the old tank & throw it on the new one to jack it up! offers a large selection of beautiful designs and themes, so when you are ready for a new look, or when the next sporting season comes around, you can simply swap your jackets out and always stay up to date.

Jackit designs popular at tailgating events
Favorite Jackit designs for backyard bbq and outdoor kitchens
Campers love these Jack-it designs
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Jack-its are a favorite among tailgating parties at professional, college and even high-school level football games. Sports enthusiasts also jack their tanks for baseball, hockey, basketball and many other sporting events.

Probably the most jacked fans are the motor-heads. Nascar fans absolutely love jacking every possible surface with their favorite drivers and hottest racing teams (coming soon).

Jackits are great for nature nuts and you're sure to find jacked-up tanks at campsites and hunting camps.

Homeowners with outdoor kitchens, (tiki) bar areas and grilling zones don't overlook the details by jacking those ugly exchange tanks that power their grills, gas bug repellers, fire features, etc. with jack-it artwork selections that present the mood they are looking for in their own personal slice of backyard paradise.

Jack-its are a division of Ellis Graphics Inc., which has been in business for 25 years, providing large format signage, posters, banners, and digital graphics for our customers, including national retailers, fast food providers, restaurant chains and department stores throughout the United States.

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