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Frequently Asked Questions
What are Jack-Its?
Jack-its are made from a sturdy yet thin magnetic material with a specially designed die-cut pattern that allows it to wrap around 20lb propane tanks. They are easy to install and remove, making them reusable.
Are Jack-Its just painted propane tanks?
No, we do not paint your propane tank. We offer reusable, removable covers for your propane tank. Your tank is not changed in any way.
Is it safe to cover my propane tank with a Jack-It?
Yes, Jack-Its do not affect the tank or the propane within the tank in any way. Jack-Its are perfectly safe!
How do I put my Jack-it on straight?
The packaging that your Jack-it comes in includes a mounting tube and installation instructions. If you're still unsure, check out our helpful installation video here. Jack-Its may take overnight to fit snugly, as the magnet adjusts to fit your tank perfectly. We recommend saving the mounting tube for future installations on new exchange tanks!
The fingers on my Jack-it won't lay flat. What do I do?
Gently hold the "finger" in place until the magnet takes over. If this doesn't work, some stubborn fingers may need to be gently rolled and flexed between your fingers. Check the instructions that came with your Jack-it for tips.
Will Jack-Its leave residue on my propane tank after I take it off?
No, Jack-Its are magnets so they leave no residue and do no damage to your tank!
When it's time to exchange my empty tank, what do I do with my Jack-It?
Because Jack-Its are so easy to remove and install, you simply take your Jack-It from your empty tank and put in on your new tank.
Do Jack-Its damage the paint on my propane tank?
Jack-Its will not harm the tank's paint or any other part of the tank.
Don't Jack-its get dirty? How do I clean my Jack-it?
Jack-its are covered with a DuraShield coating, making them resistant to grease and dirt! This special coat also makes cleaning your Jack-it simple. Spills wipe off with mild soap or cleaner!
Will the color of my Jack-it fade?
Jack-its are water and weather resistant because of their DuraShield coat! This coat protects and extends the life of UV ink we use to print our Jack-its.
I have a baseball Jack-it but the season is over. What do I do the rest of the year?
Football season is right around the corner! Store your Jack-it until baseball comes back, and in the meantime check out the rest of our designs at jackits.com!
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