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The Beginning
History of Jack-Its #1
The founders of Jack-its first came up with the idea while watching the Daytona 500 one year, noticing all the fans and their plain white propane tanks in the track infield. We noticed that these tanks were one of the last "frontiers" of advertising and decoration.
Our First Try
History of Jack-Its #2
The first Jack-It was created in June 2014. The early prototype was hand-cut, and the specially designed "honeycomb" pattern was invented to solve the issue of smoothly wrapping multidimensional surfaces in the stiff magnetic material with which all Jack-its are made.
Pineapples & Patents
History of Jack-Its #3
Jack-its signature "honeycomb" pattern, which was originally inspired by a pineapple, is patent pending. A provisional patent was issued in August 2014.
The Original Designs
History of Jack-Its #4
The first finished Jack-its were created in September 2014. Some of the original designs included the Tiki Bar Jack-it and the Beach Chairs Jack-it.
A New Direction
History of Jack-Its #5
Jack-its had its first market trial in the fall of 2014. We received important feedback on our product that allowed us to come to the realization of the need for licensing partners.
Jack-Its Online
History of Jack-Its #6
Our website www.jackits.com was launched in December 2014. We started with approximately 50 Jack-its and now have over five times that number of unique designs available.
Jack-Its Wins One!
History of Jack-Its #7
sports licensing tailgating awardJack-its attended the 2015 Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas January 14th through the 16th. This trade show is the largest of its kind in the United States, and Jack-its won the award for "Best Sports Licensed Tailgate Product" and warranted much attention from the more than 4,500 attendees. Jack-its was well received and we were able to meet with dozens of potential partners, including those involved in distribution, sports licensing, retail, and wholesale markets.
Constructive Criticism
History of Jack-Its #8
Based on feedback, Jack-its design was redesigned in early 2015 and modified to make the process of mounting and packaging simpler.
Wounded Warriors in Action
History of Jack-Its #9
Ellis Graphics has had a close working relationship with Wounded Warriors in Action (WWIA) for years, and one day while picking up a print order they noticed Jack-its and loved the product. Eventually, our partnership with WWIA and Mossy Oak formed and the process of acquiring licensing for the Mossy Oak patterns began in January 2015.
Mossy Oak
History of Jack-Its #10
Our Mossy Oak brand licensed Jack-its were launched in April 2015. Mossy Oak announced the project on their Facebook page, which caused an explosion in social media, quickly becoming one of Mossy Oak's most popular product posts.
Options for Shopping
History of Jack-Its #11
Our Jack-Its Amazon page launched in February 2015 and our eBay site launched in April 2015.
Expanding Our Horizons
History of Jack-Its #12
Jack-its hopes to soon be available in Mossy Oak retail stores.
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